Basic Idea

A database (DB) is a collection of data organized in a way that enables it to be queried to find specific information needed by a particular group of users. Our goal is to construct a database management system that is compatible with SQL standards. Most of the data comes from MxN tables (row/column tables) that contain data from the SPT (Systems Processes Theory). The interlocking of the tables raises the level of the DB to that of a relational database or RDB because these various MxN tables are interlocked or interconnected. It is the purpose of this website to explain this structure in sufficient detail to allow users to fruitfully query the SPT-RDB.

This is a database completely focused on systems science and on one particular general theory of “systemness.” Since it is tightly coupled to the peer-reviewed natural science literature, it claims to be a collection of valuable, evidence-based, processes on how systems work. To see a database on how systems don’t work, please go to the associated and related database