WHY? (5)

This website responds to the need to access specific knowledge about HOW SYSTEMS WORK for all domains and disciplines that create, monitor, or manage a plethora of instantiations of systems in the world from the natural to the symbolic to the human. worlds. There are many theories on systems, and many applications and advocates of systems, but no single unified, consensus source for systems. The relational database tries to accomplish the following:

  • provide a single, unified framework;
  • integrate current advances in knowledge with previous advances;
  • attempt to synthesize the many different approaches to one logical approach;
  • provide scientific evidence for the mechanisms explained;
  • tightly couple the mechanisms explained to the natural science literature;

It is important to continuously monitor and review the reasons why a particular service is provided. Does the need continue to be cost-effective, that is, are the costs of maintaining the service less than what it costs to not have the service? Does the service satisfy the needs of the target populations? Is it current and updated? Do protocols exist that ensure that is continues to be expanded and updated?